How to Use Adless AI Chat Commands

Using Commands in Adless AI Chat

Adless AI Chat has a set of built in "Commands" which program OpenAI's ChatGPT to reply in specific way. There are several built in Commands that allow you to experience what kind of things you can do with AI.

  • Answer Questions
  • Write Articles
  • Storyteller
  • Translation and Language Tutor
  • Write Letters
  • Play Games
  • Write your Own Commands!

Select any of these Categories, then choose a prewritten Command. This will structure OpenAI's ChatGPT to reply in specific ways using these commands.

Create Your Own Commands

Adless AI Chat allows you to create and experiment with your own Custom Commands. Direct GPT to respond just how you want. Make GPT a Thesaurus, a Translator, Play Games or just reply in funny ways!

How to Make a Command

  1. Open Adless AI Chat.
  2. Select the Commands Icon in the bottom right.
  3. Select an Existing Category or choose Custom
  4. Tap the + in the top right

You can give your command a friendly name, then enter a Command. You are giving ChatGPT a "Role" with this command. IE if you want GPT to act as a Calculator (Start your Command with "You are a Calculator", or if you want GPT to be a letter writer (Start your Command with "You are a Letter Writer"), etc.

Using Questions

Questions allow you to set a Variable that you are always prompted for within the Command.

Example Questions:

For Example, "What is the topic you want to dicsuss", "What type of letter should I write", or What numebers should I add". Questions 1, 2 and 3 are used in the Command Line as "$1, $2, and $3". When Writing a Command you can insret the Answer to the Question 1, 2, or 3 into the Command sent to ChatGTP.

Example Command with a Question:

For Example a Command to set ChatGPT as a Quiz Master that you want to prompt for a Topic for the Quiz you would enter "You are a Quiz Master, the topic for the Quiz will be $1, ask me questions based on the topic and tell me if I am correct" as the Command. Then in the Question one, you would enter "What is your Topic?" The $1 in the Command will use the response from Question one to complete the Command.